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“When I founded “SRIJANI” in 2007, I wanted to build an organization that paid an equal amount of attention to social responsibility, profitability and citizenship.

The well being of the members of our organization far outweighs the need for dishonesty, prejudice, unethical practices, or profit. We are obligated to provide honest, ethical and professional dealings not only with our employees, but also with our clients. Ever since the establishment, we are endeavoured to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and society from a global perspective.

Our business can be divided into key areas, namely:

Consultancy Service

which provide only consultancy for construction of different types of building.

Structural designing

which provide structural designing of multi-storeyed building including calculation and supervision.

Interior designing

which provide turnkey base interior designing works including drawing, designing and execution..

Promoting & developing

of different land, which includes promoting after purchase of the said land or joint venture of the said land.

Over the past years the following themes have been the keys to


We ‘out listen’ our competitors by truly understanding our customers’ needs.

Our Quality workmanship, Timely completion and Safety records are always primary.

The support and trust of our dedicated and loyal staff are the elements that combine to make. This lasting client relationship can be directly attributed to the people working by my side. I personally ensure that the “SRIJANI” work environment is safe, fun, supportive and creative for everyone involved with our organization. We surround our team with the best tools, resources and experiences to ensure a successful career within the construction industry. Our commitment will continue to be self evident in our work, our project management style and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

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